Microscope Action
Sam Doing a Throat Swab
Tyler and Pedro
Dr. Vignali Talking to BQA Kids
Sam Mixing Tubes
Gram stains
BQA 2011 Sesh 1
Sam HL and Mayra
Daulton Smiling
three students
Daniel and Tyler
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BioQuest Academy Announcements

  • Seattle BioMed thanks local donors for funding the 2014 Academy! Applications are now being accepted from current 11th grade Washington state students! APPLY HERE.
  • BioQuest Academy curriculum can now be offered for credit in your community through the Washington state's Career and Technical Education (CTE) office, through the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.   
theresa & students & plates
2011 Students Jump!
Seattle BioMed Bldg
Hugo With Pipette
Mustafa in action
group photo
Sam & Walter
BSL 1, 2, 3!
Dr. Vignali and Group TB Session 1
Our students ascend

People are Talking About the Academy!

As far away as Cambridge, England people are talking about the impact of mentorship and the BioQuest Academy.
Submissions to College Confidential indicate that students are buzzing about BioQuest!

As stated by the NSTA, your global health future starts at BioQuest!

Ask the National Science Teacher Association (NSTA), Seattle BioMed provides a foundation for rewarding global health futures.

Pathogen Panic!

Click here to play the new game.

Click HERE to discover a world of global health opportunities awaiting you!

Trying to recapture the fun of BioQuest? Go to the Refresher!

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